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iOS 8 Battery Usage Reveals What Apps You've Been Using Even After You've Deleted Them

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Battery life is the lifeblood of any smartphone as none of the fancy features are worth much when your phone dies for lack of a charge.


iOS 8 released a cool feature to help you track which apps eat up that battery life. While some are no surprises (I'm looking at you web browser!) it has been useful to see that an app I don't care about is eating up more battery than I think it's worth.

However, one caveat with this great battery usage feature is that it reveals not only which apps you use on a regular basis, not only how much you use them, but also which apps you've been using but have since deleted!


There doesn't seem to be any way to remove an app from the list nor does it seem possible to clear the least and start from scratch. That means any app that you use enough to show up on the battery usage will show up for potentially seven days.

If you are the type that has something to hide from someone who has access to your phone, let this serve as a PSA that you'll have to do more than simply erase the app. And if your wife takes a look at your phone for some reason after getting back from her business trip and wonders why Grindr was on your phone and used 60% of your battery usage over the last seven days, now you know why.

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